Past Event

Star Chefs 2016

Hosted for Silicon Valley Children's Fund

September 25, 2016
Clover Network Building

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  • Peter Armellino
    Plumed Horse
  • Ross Hanson
    Oak and Rye
  • John Burke
    Liquid Bread
  • Jared Gallagher
    Chez TJ
  • Angelo Womack
    Oak and Rye
  • Rodrigo Salvador
    Oak and Rye
  • Avery Ruzicka
    Manresa Bread
  • Philippe Breneman
    Lexington House
  • Jeff Fitzgerald
    Black Sheep Brassiere
  • Randy Musterer
    Sushi Confidential
  • Matthias Froeschl
    Nasch Bistro
  • Jacob Farleigh

Wines & Spirits

  • ​Bar Cart Cocktail Co.
  • Enoteca La Storia
  • Joyce Vineyards
  • New Bohemia Brewing
  • Blade Gin
  • Fort Point Beer
  • Hanson Vodka
  • Plumed Blanc
  • Testarossa Vineyard
  • Martin Miller Gin
  • Drake’s Brewing
  • Austrian Stiegl Lager

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